Ease Trifexis Serving!

These easy steps will save you tons of time and headache and keep your dog healthy and disease free on Trifexis, which should only be used after an evaluation and recommendation from a qualified veterinarian doctor, as it does require a prescription.

1. Prepare
I’d consider this a meal, or part of a meal, depending on your dog’s size and diet regimen. We have two German Shepherds and consider this 1/2 of a meal for each, for the day. One, Dalton, is on a weight reduction/control diet, so tracking his caloric intake daily is important for his health and longevity. You’ll need a feeding bowl, a properly prescribed Trifexis tablet, a spoon, and a way to powder the tablet. We use as simple (and decorative) pestle and mortar. I highly recommend a P&M highly for this.


2. Powder The Tablet
Trifexis tablets break up relatively easily. I drop it into the mortar then tap it down lightly, but firmly with the pastel. I don’t really do any grinding or stirring motions to make the powder. The tablet powders down with tapping very quickly and easily. I may do a swirl once or twice at the end to help with some of the little chunks, but that’s about it. Takes one minute, that’s all, it’s easy and quick.



3. Dog Food
In the feeding bowl I dish out half a can of dog food. I recommend a very moist food, but not a broth. Trifexis doesn’t dissolve into liquids very well in my experiments over the four years of doing this. This gives enough food to cover the smell and tastes of the Trifexis easily. Personally I’m not picky about the food, as it’s only once a month and half a can, as long as it is very moist. Yep, I’ve gotten some pretty dry canned food on occasion and it takes more work and doesn’t mix with the powder as well.

4. Mix Well
And I mean mix it all up REALLY well! This isn’t difficult, nor does it take very long, but do make sure you’re mixing that nasty, nasty Trifexis powder up really well so the food covers the smell and taste totally.


5. Feed
The easiest and more gratifying step, feeding the dogs! Ours get dry kibble food, and a good bit of our garden veggies mainly. So canned food is a real treat for our little fuzz-buddies. They go crazy wolfing it down (pun intended). They love it, they’re protected for another month, and I drop the whole kit and caboodle into the dish washer. Easy process, easy clean up. One last note, be sure to get recyclable cans, rinse them out, recycle them! Hope this helps, and have a good day. HUG YOUR PUP-PUPS!


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