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About The Show
Let’s Talk About Dogs is an educational show for dog owners and dog lovers. Each show will contain one of the following: Viewer mail, classroom lecture, product review, training demonstration, and an interview with K9 industry professional or organization. If you like dogs, we know dogs!

The show is a family affair: hosted by Laticia Balser who is a certified dog trainer, produced by her husband Ben who is production manager at WLFT TV, assisted by their twin boys Eddie & Brian, and with the guidance of their German Shepherds Corrine & Dalton.

So tune in, our episodes are listed below, and “Let’s Talk Talk About Dogs”!

Sponsorships And Advertising
Because of the uniqueness of WLFT being an entertainment station, not a news station, and our position with them, we are able to offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities for our show. Contact us for more information.

Thursdays nights at 8:00pm on WLFT
In the greater Baton Rouge area
Over-air 30.1 • Cox cable 117 • Eatel cable 130 (35 Plaquemine)

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See listing below for all episodes and full interviews on our YouTube channel.


Welcome To
Let’s Talk About Dogs

A short demo clip of what you can expect to see in our show.
Producers Interview
Us being interviewed on “A Better Life” just before episode 1 premiered.
Episode 1
Full interview
Separation Anxiety, Crate Training, Yellow Ribbon Project, Patrick Ransom of Camp Bow Wow.
Episode 2
Full Interview
Healthy weight, dog as running partner, diet, public dog parks, Kurt Kieschnick of Neighborhood Pet Market.
Episode 3
Full interview
Dr. Leslie Anderman of Anderman Animal Clinic and heartworm disease, training the “Stay” command, and examples of what’s on the market for heartworm prevention.
Episode 4
Racheal Anderson of Baton Rouge Spay & Neuter, training the “Leave It” and “Take It” commands, and the factual pros, cons and alternatives of getting your dog fixed.
Episode 5
Jerry Beaugez from Offleash K9, offleash behavior demo, e-collar, and dealing with excessive barking.
Episode 6
Veterans Day Special
Brothers And Sisters In Arms & what the general public needs to know about service dogs.
*full 30 minute interview coming soon
Episode 7
Livingston SPCA, clicker training & the importance of timing and corrections when training.
• Episode 8
Full Interview
Faithful Companion Grooming & Boarding, ear and teeth cleaning, why keeping your dog’s ears clean is really important.
Episode 9
Full Interview
Mr. Bill from Doggone Express, tips on transporting dogs, and pinch collar training.
Episode 10
Full Interview
Louisiana Search And Rescue dogs, you dog’s nose, heal & wheelchair loose leash walking

Links mentioned in this episode:
How Search-and-Rescue Dogs Work
Understanding Your Dogs Senses - Smell

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