About Laticia

I’m Laticia Balser, a Certified Dog Trainer, wife, mother of seven, and grandmother of five. My husband Ben and I have two remaining children at home, teenage twin boys, and two German Shepherd Dogs.

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I’ve been around animals all of my life. I’ve had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and too many others to name. My children share my love of animals. My oldest son would bring home every stray puppy he found and my daughter would bring home every stray cat. At one point I actually owned more cats than I should have at one time. I decide to become a Certified Dog Trainer for several reasons.

At one time I lived in a rough neighborhood. On several occasions, I came home to find a new adult Pitbull chained to my neighbor’s fence, injured from fighting. I would always rescue them, clean them up, bandage them, feed and water them, and love them until they healed. I would rehab them into the loving, devoted dogs they were bred to be. I never allowed them to be abused again. They stayed with me and my children either for the rest of their lives or until I found good homes for them. I’ve helped deliver and nursed newborn puppies and learned puppy CPR long ago. 
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Two months later I’m at a local dog park and was talking to a woman who told me about Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue. I browsed their website and found a male White German Shepherd Dog that was utterly adorable. I showed the photo and description to my husband and cheerfully explained that he would only pay a fraction for a rescue of what he paid to a breeder. We applied for the adoption, interviewed, had our meet-n-greet. When Dalton’s foster mom brought him over for the home visit, Dalton was home for good and never left.
After my husband and I married we decided to get a dog. He found a dog from a reputable breeder and emailed me the pictures. I didn’t know this was an “I’m getting this one” picture, so I didn’t input much except that she was cute. Shortly after I got another email with the purchase agreement. He bought his dog. Oh, not just any dog either, but a female German Shepherd Dog. A very smart, extremely energetic, “keep you on your toes” kind of dog. 
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Side Note: Dalton had been hit by a car (reason for rescue) thus came with a repaired broken leg. After adopting him he underwent a 4-hour surgery to re-position / repair the kneecap, followed by 8 weeks of strict kennel rest.  He’s good now, though he has limited use of that leg, but it doesn’t slow him down one bit.

With two young dogs in the home, and training them daily, my husband mentioned that I should do it professionally, a thought that had never occurred to me. Over the next year and a half I graduated Animal Behavior College and have taken many other courses. I’m also working to become certified with the NADOI, CCPDT, IAABC, IACP and APDT. 

Through my experience and education, I’ve seen a lot of “discarded” pets because they were untrained and the family could not care for them anymore due to disruptive, dangerous, or destructive behaviors. A lot of this is preventable if the dog and its family are taught properly how to interact with each other.  Training is not just for the dog, but more so for the human family. We have a responsibility to the pet we chose to bring home or are gifted. That animal is a life-long commitment and not a commodity.

- Laticia Balser
- Exceptional K9s
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Training Philosophy

I believe that our dogs are our family. We have a responsibility to teach them, provide for them, protect them, and love them for life.

The philosophy of Exceptional K9s training embraces modern, science based techniques, along with a lot of love, patience and understanding of the both the dog’s and owner’s needs.

Dogs are task oriented; they need to have a job. Learning to follow new commands gives your dog a sense of purpose. When you are happy, your dog is happy, and everyone has a great time!

It is important for dog owners to understand that training is actually their responsibility, for the life of the dog. A trainer not only teaches you the techniques, but also assists and supports your efforts. Training greatly strengthens the bond between owner and K9, making for a happier and stronger relationship.

A properly trained dog is one that will be safer and healthier. Most commands will come in very handy some day, saving you and your dog a great deal of heartache, physical suffering, huge medical expenses, and more.
• “Drop it” when they accidentally pick up something that could be poisonous to them?
• “Come” if they take off towards a busy street or other dangerous situation?
• “Stay” when you have to attend to an emergency while your back is to the dog?
Yes, these types of situations happen to dog owners daily. Good training is not just helpful, but could save your dog’s life.

We strive to give clear instructions, patient assistance, and support to this very enjoyable part of your adventures with your dog.

Exceptional K9s is striving to improve lives one dog at a time.
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